Live Asset Tracking

Our dashboards present up-to-the-minute status of power generating assets, and how it compares with dispatches. With push notification alerts, you'll get timely, relevant updates on your PC or smartphone when any of your assets go outside of the allowable dispatch variance.

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Compliance History

Quickly look back in time at your dispatch compliance history. Historical generation and allowable dispatch variance data are clearly charted, and any issues are flagged. Add annotations to record event details where needed.


Through our API, we can directly integrate with your systems. Do you have custom data series that you want added to your Organization dashboard? Do you want all the data you see here sent to your corporate data warehouse? Would you like your dispatches automatically synchronized with an authoritative source system?

No problem. Contact us, we'd love to help!


Dispatcho is fast! Everybody hates slow apps, so we put extra care in engineering Dispatcho to respond to queries instantaneously. It’s built using ultra-efficient code so it will still run well on older PCs, smartphones and tablets.

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