About Dispatcho

Dispatcho is powered by a high performance database and event correlation engine. We ingest data about the power grid in near-real-time and generate timely, relevant alerts for our users about critical events that allow them to react in time.

Dispatch Compliance

Our compliance tool is like a rumble strip on the side of the road. If your generation assets deviate too far from their generation target or are missing their ramp start times, your operators are alerted.

By correlating live generation and dispatch data, our tools will give you a clear view of your assets performance in terms of complying with the ISO rules. We automatically maintain a compliance history record that you can annotate and report on.

Grid Analytics Pro: Supply Surplus & Price

See what others are missing.

Our real-time tracking of market data signals supply adequacy and generator behavior which, when combined with recent historical data, can clearly indicate when energy prices are likely to become volatile in the future.